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Our company specializes in crafting dynamic online interactive activities tailored for children. From puzzles to quizzes, we provide captivating educational tools perfect for book publishers, schools, and institutions dedicated to enriching children's education. Transform learning into an adventure with our innovative solutions!


Computer Fundamentals

Welcome to our interactive activity on computer fundamentals for kids! Let's dive into the exciting world of computers.

Drag and Drop

"In this game, children will match images with the correct names and fill in the blanks based on the pictures. It's a fun and interactive way to learn while playing.

Components of Computers

This is an MCQ test based on Components of Computers. This activity will increase knowledge about computers. Test your understanding and enhance your skills while having fun!.


Let's enhance your children's knowledge with an efficient grammar activity. In this MCQ activity, questions based on verbs will test your children's knowledge.

Introduction to QBasic

QBasic, as well as QuickBasic, is an easy-to-learn programming language. This activity will provide good knowledge and in-depth understanding of QBasic.

बन्दर को सबक

Children who have studied the story will get a chance to answer questions based on the chapter. Test your comprehension through this interactive activity!

My Family

In this activity, children need to identify the picture with the correct family name and spelling. Enhance vocabulary and spelling skills while having fun with this interactive task

Animal World

This activity will enhance the knowledge of children. All you need to do is select the animal with the correct name. Improve your understanding of animals with this interactive task!


Let's improve your children's knowledge of grammar by testing their skills with Adjective Interactive Activities. Enhance your knowledge while learning.

My Close Relatives

Every child must understand their close relatives and how to address them. In this activity, children will learn the correct names for various family relations.

People & Places in Our Neighborhood

This is most important activity for children's. In this activity they will learn about the nearby people with uniforms as per their occupation.


They will learn about nearby people with uniforms according to their occupations. Enhance their awareness of different professions and the roles they play in the community!

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